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10 Tips for Making an Awesome Music Video

Note: You can setup an account for free and browse through the 6000 clips from the library in to assist you in getting some inspiration and take some screen shots to help make your moodboard.

Make sure you keep all of the extra information (eg. Web links, gig information ) out of your video so that it doesn't date.  

With even a basic smart telephone and a little tripod or holder, you can take yourself doing. Consider a trendy place, good lighting and be sure you have your performance. Practise a few times and take a few versions so you can pick your best one.

You may upload your footage into Rotor and unite it with our inventory clips to create a great closing video.

1. Begin with your best track

When you create your own footages, be certain to shoot them into landscape mode as it is the best format for music videos, and ensures that your video will climb to bigger screens in better quality.

Similar to color, the contours and components in your video also tell a story. For instance, urban streets feel distinct from balloons and shores. Attempt to pick footage which will fit the feel of your video, supporting your colors and storyline.

Why make only one video? You need to consider a shorter 15-30 sec teaser to publicize your release on social websites before the big drop. Rotor enables you to trim your path so that you may make a shorter version of your song.

Would you want to picture a performance video where you sing / play your track reside to a camera? Have you have a gig coming up in a cool location it'd make sense to film in? Or do you understand somewhere cool to take?

2. What kind of video do you desire? NARRATIVE

For promo videos, you can even add text overlays to market your big release date/time

3. Make a Mood board

In accordance with Buffer's 50 Video Marketing Stats, more than 500million hours of video are observed on YouTube each day.

Each fantastic music movie starts with a great song. Be honest with yourself (and your bandmates) if you critique your track, get other musicans / producers you aspire to give you some honest feedback.

Would you want to tell the story of your song visually? Are there key characters you are able to picture who'll bring visual strength to your music video? Do you've got the budget /relationships/time to go out and film?

4. Decide'form' of your movie 

Craving a music video for your songs? Rotor can help. We provide a stage where any artist can create expert design budget music videos and promo videos. With the ability to incorporate your own videos & graphics, personalise text, alter filters plus a great deal more, you can catch the unique identity of your job without paying through the roof. 

5. Know your audience

Want to cultivate your fanbase and make money from your music? We have worked with audio video pros and visual jockeys to bring together our top 10 tips for an wonderful music video. In just a minute or two, you'll have all the knowledge you want to showcase your next path. Once you're done, go over to and put your new skills to work.

6. Use exclusive articles

Add text to your own music movie so anyone watching it knows about the author and track name.

Ok! So you have a fantastic track. Lets get to film making...


More abstract content might agree with your style of music better, bold visual elements can be quite a powerful way to grab people attention, and inside the Rotor library there are over 500 video art and visual clips that means that you may produce a music video right now.

8. Insert text overalys

Could it be the best version it may be? Have you ever taken the opportunity to produce this discharge awesome? Does this represent you as an artist/band and what you want to say, and are you showcasing yourself in the best way?

Where in the world are your fans? What kind of material is logical to your fanbase? Colours and articles should feel natural for the fans. You wish to engage themnot bore them so consider what it may be like to see your video for the very first moment. 

9. Make briefer teaser videos

Based on Forbes' Best 10 Video Marketing Trends And Statistics, half a billion people view a movie on Facebook everyday. But you don't need to decide between the stations; when you can upload to them ! 

10. Ultimately - discuss it with your fanbase

A mood board is an assortment of images that represent the sense of your music video. This is sometimes photos color swatches, stills from films, elements of your branding anything that helps you visually imagine and communicate what movie will look and feel just like.

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